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Follow us on @ScimagoJRScimago Lab, Copyright 2007-2020. Issue 3 2020. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 0.638 ℹ SCImago Journal ... Papers that foster dialogue, innovation, and intellectual risk-taking in financial studies; as well as shed light on the interaction between finance and broader societal concerns are particularly appreciated. The SJR is a size-independent prestige indicator that ranks journals by their 'average prestige per article'. The conference, which features a dual submission option with RCFS and RFS, will have an online workshop on June 17, 2021, and a conference at the University of Oxford on June 2, 2022. Publication Ethics. Interestingly, the content and tone of analysts’ conference calls mirror these developments over time. Issue 1 2020 Financial Markets, Large Shareholders, and Corporate Governance . As Editors of the Review of Corporate Finance Studies, we have decided to devote a special issue (November 2020) to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on corporations. Firms, fighting for survival, will be pressed to cut costs, and wages are an important budget line for the vast majority of firms. Anyone with a first-hand experience with this company? Submission deadline: December 22, 2020, RCFS Winter Conference 2021 journal self-citations removed) received by a journal's published documents during the three previous years. Code for RCFS papers is found in the RCFS Dataverse. RCFS Dataverse. Review of Financial Studies. Read the full post on the blog. This paper published in the November 2020 Special Issue on the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and Corporate Finance. The Journal Impact 2019-2020 of Review of Accounting Studies is 2.350, which is just updated in 2020.Compared with historical Journal Impact data, the Metric 2019 of Review of Accounting Studies grew by 28.42 %.The Journal Impact Quartile of Review of Accounting Studies is Q1.The Journal Impact of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations … RCFS Statistics; Turnaround: Mean: 43.95 days Median: 27 days. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. An interesting empirical implication is that short-termism will be observed in well-governed firms. Advertisement. RCFS Statistics; Turnaround: Mean: 43.92 days Median: 25 days. Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies - Revue d'Etudes en Agriculture et Environnement (RAEStud), Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) (also covers Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies - Revue d'Etudes en Agriculture et Environnement, INRA Department of … 6.79. Advanced search. To gauge the potential impact of COVID-19 specifically on the productivity of women, we analysed data on first and follow-up submissions to the Review. Submission deadline: April 9, 2021, 3rd Future of Financial Information Conference First published June 18, 2020, Deadline for Registered Reports: December 21, 2020, The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis and Corporate Finance Rank Finance. Abstract. Total Submissions: (since 12/7/19): 161. … A ranking list is one measure of achievement, and as presented here, it outlines the 'world elite' ranking. 421-429 Andrew Ellul, Isil Erel and Uday Rajan The Risk of Being a Fallen Angel and the Corporate Dash for Cash in the Midst of COVID pp. ... including career counselling, mentorship, preparation of job … also developed by scimago: Scimago Institutions Rankings. Empirical finance is interpreted broadly to include any type of empirical work in financial economics, financial econometrics, and also theoretical work with clear empirical implications, even when there is no empirical analysis. International Collaboration accounts for the articles that have been produced by researchers from several countries. Initially, internationally-oriented firms, especially those more exposed to China, underperformed. RCFS Dataverse. In the new entry on the RCFS blog, the RCFS editorial team discusses the new special issue of RCFS on the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and corporate finance. Common specializations for those who study finance at degree level include corporate finance, financial evaluation, behavioral finance, derivatives, capital markets, econometrics, financial modeling, quantitative finance, investment management, financial regulation, financial reporting, and even some aspects of accounting. pp. Citation counts are adjusted to exclude citations from the same series. Data Source: Scopus®, Metrics based on Scopus® data as of April 2020. ECGI Corporations and COVID-19 Conference What are the effects of paying higher wages on firm performance during economic uncertain times? The Banking and Finance Review seeks to promote research that enhances the profession’s understanding of banking and finance. The analysis can be found here. These tend to be small- and medium-sized firms. Thus, in the initial period, firms that incentivize short-term projects attract talented managers. Continue reading. Subject Area and Category: Business, Management and Accounting Business and International Management Economics, Econometrics and Finance Economics and Econometrics Finance: Publisher: Oxford University Press: Publication type: Journals: ISSN: 20469136, 20469128: Coverage: 2012-2020: Scope: The Review of Corporate Finance … Journal of Accounting and Economics. menu . 360. Dates TBA. Postponed to 2021. RCFS will also consider research in financial intermediation and financial institutions, microstructure and the implications of asset pricing for Corporate Finance. Finance Research Letters invites submissions in all areas of finance, broadly defined.Finance Research Letters offers and ensures the rapid publication of important new results in these areas. Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) has 5 stars! RCFS Statistics; Turnaround: Mean: 43.95 days Median: 25 days. Review of Accounting and Finance Issue(s) available: 76 ... All issues; EarlyCite; Volume 19. Reminder for doctoral students: For papers in which ALL co-authors are doctoral students, the submission fee is waived. The first stage is this call for Registered Reports which will be in the spirit of detailed research proposals, preferably with some preliminary results (for both empirical and theory proposals). you want to study in by taking our quick survey. Corporate Finance includes but is not limited to the study of a firm's interactions with its stakeholders in general and capital markets in particular, the design of … Nach Diskussionen über ein angemessenes Publikationsorgan für Forschungsarbeiten im Bereich der Finanzwissenschaft initiierten Michael J. Brennan, George … All material and correspondence sent to RCFS will be treated as private and confidential. Special Issues that addresses important accounting and finance questions in the specific context of a region or topic will be published occasionally in order to promote greater understanding of the internationalisation … In 2017, the Review of Financial Studies launched a competition among scholars to develop research proposals on the topic with the goal of publishing this special volume. Review of Financial Studies | Citations: 5,510 | The Review of Financial Studies is a major forum for the promotion and wide dissemination of significant new research in financial economics. The Review of Finance is accepting submissions for a special issue on China. Given the investment, decided to start a separate thread. 240. 75–154 (December 2018) Volume 8, Issue 1. pp. At the same time, workers are important assets for firms’ survival and prosperity. 357. A-Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Management Science Application status Open. The RCFS sponsoring editor is Andrew Ellul and the RFS sponsoring editors are Itay Goldstein and Holger Mueller. All issues; EarlyCite; Volume 19. Overall, the results illustrate how the anticipated real effects from the health crisis, a rare disaster, were amplified through financial channels. Submission deadline: December 10, 2020, Brand Equity, Earnings Management, and Financial Reporting Irregularities. Dual Submission: The Cavalcade features a dual submission option with the Review of Asset Pricing Studies and the Review of Corporate Finance Studies. CHE Ranking 2020/21. Thank you to everyone who submitted a resume. RCFS has a submission option for papers that were previously reviewed by other journals. We thank Amiyatosh Purnanandam and Kelly Shue, whose terms come to an end in December, for their outstanding service to the RF, both in handling individual papers and contributing to overall journal strategy.… Homepage. However, to reduce managerial rents, the firm may induce a manager to invest in a short-term project, even though the long-term project has a higher NPV. 148. Registered Reports Deadline: December 21, 2020, SFS Cavalcade North America 2022 Yes - the Corporate Finance Institute is a legitimate company that offers both free and paid courses to help learn accounting and finance fundamentals. Photos courtesy of Stefano Ramelli & Alexander F. Wagner Accreditation is another indicator of achievement. 7552. Short-Selling … As Editors of the Review of Corporate Finance Studies, we have decided to devote a special issue (November 2020) to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on corporations. RCFS will review papers on the basis of their original contribution to the field of Corporate Finance. The conference, which features a dual submission option with the Review of Asset Pricing Studies and the Review of Corporate Finance Studies, will take place May 1 9-21, 2021, both virtually and on campus. Want to be notified when new RCFS papers and issues are available online? As Editors of the Review of Corporate Finance Studies, we have decided to devote a special issue (November 2020) to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on corporations. Find out more. Covering both theoretical and empirical work in finance, the Review publishes high-quality papers which are immediately relevant to the field of finance. Journal Self-citation is defined as the number of citation from a journal citing article to articles published by the same journal. Take the survey No thanks. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies (RCFS) aims to publish research of the highest quality in the field of Corporate Finance, broadly defined. RCFS Dataverse. Journal of Financial Economics. A paper is eligible for this optional review process if it was previously submitted to a few select journals; please see Prior Review Policy for details. Editors Andrew Ellul, Isil Erel, and Uday Rajan talk about why they decided to publish a special issue on COVID, and the themes they decided to tackle in the issue, including financing of firms, equity shortfall and zombie lending, and firm characteristics and stock prices. Accounting Review Journal of Accounting Research. It is based on the idea that 'all citations are not created equal'. The users of Scimago Journal & Country Rank have the possibility to dialogue through comments linked to a specific journal. Review of Accounting Studies. Latest issues. This will be a high-quality conference with a limited number of papers on corporate finance, financial intermediation, and household finance topics. Follow @RevOfCorpFin. Advertisement. Review of Accounting and Finance available volumes and issues. Updates for Cavalcades 2021 and 2022 By jaclyn November 2, 2020 November 2, 2020 Uncategorized . Follow @RevOfCorpFin. Scimago Journal & Country Rank. … Advertisement. The submission deadline is April 9, 2021. External citations are calculated by subtracting the number of self-citations from the total number of citations received by the journal’s documents. Spotlight by Andrew Ellul Paige Parker Ouimet and Elena Simintzi address this question in the paper “Wages and Firm Performance: Evidence from the 2008 Financial Crisis.” Paige and Elena use data from a sample of unionized firms operating in the United Kingdom during the Great Recession of 2008 and exploit differences in the timing of long-term wage agreements entered into by the sample firms. The Review of Financial Studies. These results suggest that motivating employees in a crisis is a valuable asset that improves firms’ prospects. The final day to submit papers to the RCFS Winter Conference is December 1, 2020.

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