hawaiian style kettle

Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips are available in a range of sizes including 2 oz. Hawaiian Crispy & Crunchy Luau BBQ Kettle Style Potato Chips - 7.5oz. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );. I’ve bought a lot of kettle chips please add me, Wow, Hawaiian chips from my own state??? Please add me to this class action against HAWAIIAN KETTLE CHIPS MADE IN WASHINGTON case 1:18-cv-00459-JAO-RLP . misrepresented the products because they would be seen as more desirable if consumers thought they were made in Hawaii than if they were made in Washington. So if this is to be added to it and sent a post card. I’ve purchased those chips hundreds of times of the years and they’re not made in Hawaii Please add me to the class action claim also. Buy Hawaiian Potato Chips, Kettle Style, Luau BBQ, Party Size (16 oz) online and have it delivered to your door in as fast as 1 hour. Spice up your snack experience when you crunch into Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips with Mango Habanero. Let’s go after Kentucky Fried Chicken too! $4.99.