propagating fiddle leaf fig

Any help is much appreciated! other than that, i have 4 fiddle leaf fig care tips at the very end, which is all we do! You’ll need the following tools:-A clean space-A pair of sharp, sterilized, heavy duty pruners like these.–Bottle or jar to hold the cutting-Non-chlorinated water to fill said jar. The only word of warning is this: once you start taking cuttings, be prepared to find yourself with a whole family of fiddle leafs. But I have bad news, you can’t propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig with just a leaf. HI! Lots of people have great success with this method, and it’s fun because you can see the rooting progress instead of having to … 🙂, Excellent tutorial! I am going to say it like a crazy plant lady…i think it was love at first sight. At this point you can remove the plastic bag covering the 2 cuttings rooted in potting soil. Full disclosure here. Propagation a Fiddle Leaf Fig means taking a stem cutting and allowing it to root in water or soil to create a new plant! I’ve had success rooting a branch in water also – but I’ve also had a couple failures. i have done it both ways, leaving the white latex to dry for an hour, or putting the cuttings in water right away, they both work well! propagating my Monstera is my most popular on this blog, High quality potting soil mixed with perlite, Why I Left My Corporate Job to Pursue Plants. leaves take up too much energy as well. ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. This is the advantage of rooting in water- one can see the progress! HI Kathy, It will only continue to lean as it grow but you can try staking it to keep it upright or you can definitely propagate that stem into a new plant. "Forget the fiddle leaf fig—this is far more tolerant and stylish in my opinion." If you answered, “TWOlush fiddle leaf fig plants,” then you hit the nail on the head. I noticed there are leaves growing from the dirt and they are attached to root chunks from the main plant. hi Sarah! I love the tip of using branches to hold the plastic bag tent away from the plant to avoid it rotting. once the leaf take roots, it will be another year at least for new buds to grow from the roots and come above the soil to become future branches. Apr 8, 2020 - This post has everything you need to know about fiddle leaf fig propagation, including propagating from a branch or a stem! I’m still heartbroken about it, almost to the point of tears. I changed its water every day, and made sure it got indirect sunlight. I cut the top of my tree several times, but it only growth one branch, going straight up. Thank you for your lovely article. Hi there. Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation in 6 Easy Steps (With Pictures) I have had no success in locating a Fig Leaf plant to buy. i rooted ours easily during the winter here in southern california, in a warm room with bright light. so excited!! The benefits of taking Fiddle Leaf Fig cuttings There are a few benefits to taking cuttings of your fiddle leaf fig. I have a fiddle leaf fig in the garden. Read it. I absolutely love this! The first step in propagating your fiddle leaf fig is getting yourself a good quality root hormone. hi rachel, once the roots form, there will be little buds that grow from the root base, very similar to the afican violet bud shown here – it does take a lot longer to grow fiddle leaf fig from a leaf than from a stem though! In my opinion, water propagation is the easiest way to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig! Hi krizsta, congratulations on the success! yes nature has such resilience! You’ll need a section of branch (or trunk) that’s at least 4″ long. I can’t believe Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation is so easy! I chose to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig in water. This is my first time and a beginner with plants. I’m also now see new leaves coming from the very base of the trunk by the roots. I have a FLF tree that I bought last summer. I was looking for information on Fiddle Leaf Fig trees and enjoyed reading this one. 🙁 It’s unfortunate, but I’ve researched it and even attempted it myself just to be sure. 🙂. Then follow the Fiddle Fig care tips here! i have learned that the Fiddle leaf fig tends to grow a tall single stem when indoors. Who knew! Hopefully this reply finds you and you have time to respond. 99. No way! What comes next might be weird, but it’s totally normal. Thanks to our reader Brittani who asked this! We can’t wait to get our own Fiddle Fig trees! Ahh, the “popcorn” stem photos here have given me peace of mind! I just received some cuttings and will be propagating them following your tutorial! I even tried it. The cutting should have 3-4 leaves max so its energy can be spent creating roots. I will be over the moon!!! You can keep propagated plants, give them away as gifts, or take them to plant swaps. It’s worth your time if you want to be a fiddle master. Have they grown? How long does it take to grow to a full tree? What type of pot to plant it in..(big or small, holes or not until later) how to plant it.. what type of soil? 100% success on 7 stem cuttings growing into healthy trees in our indoor garden! Do not pick them off or find them gross. You’ll need the following tools:-A clean space–High quality potting soil mixed with perlite -A planter. Fiddle leaf fig propagation is incredibly easy, if you have patience and follow some simple steps. hi jonathan, that’s wonderful! We put ours into soil right away but next time around we will try rooting it in water! I love the FLF so much, I have visions of it in my bedroom. the african violet leaves i rooted has grown into plants. Standard plastic nursery pots work pretty well for this. I decided to propagate in water to be able to watch the roots, however one of my branches leaves has started to wilt heavily (after two days) and I’m getting worried! Lots of people have great success with this method, and it’s fun because you can see the rooting progress instead of having to wait to see growth or tug on the cutting. Thanks for the tips! hi cee! After 4 weeks, some little popcorn-like spots started to appear on the stem base of the cuttings in water. Don’t sell me short Janice. Be sure there is enough space so when roots do grow, it isn’t a tight fit. Thanks for any help you can provide. Read The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, your complete guide to growing healthy fiddle leaf fig plants. We made a YouTube video about our experience with FLF propagation. Propagating fiddle leaf fig is a matter of hundreds or thousands of plants for them! I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of plant this is for months! The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor specimen plant featuring very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright.These plants are native to tropical parts of Africa, where they thrive in very warm and wet conditions. It just hasn’t done anything but grow roots. LOVE this! It keeps plants from getting too tall – we have a FLF tree that keeps touching our 8 foot ceilings! i am sending love and best wishes to your little tree, i think it will grow into a gorgeous tree!! all survided and all are growing quite a bit! Mine is doing great on top but would like fuller bottom/middle. I stood them in water and watched the roots develop. Any suggestions? Photo by Jen Gensits. The fig tree has been around for a long time; archeologists have found evidence of its cultivation that dates back to 5,000 BC. enjoy your new FLF trees! It is very scary and I keep putting it off. Thanks so much for watching! Do you know what precipitated the ugly brown spots that eventually affected every leaf while it was inside? With this method, you will need to make a slanted cut on a stem to encourage new root development. I took this leaf from a tree in an office conference room, so not much time to cut it properly. Hi Ananda! And thanks so much for updating this post. Thanks Ananda for the update. You won’t believe how big and beautiful they all look after 4 years! 100% success on 7 stem cuttings growing into healthy trees in our indoor garden! These are roots forming. Clonex rooting gel is a great option for fiddle leaf fig propagation. ), DIY 3D 2021 Calendar! It’s been about a month and the leaves at the top still seem healthy and happy. Fiddle leaf fig soil propagation . We just successfully propagated two Fiddle Leaf Fig branches in water, following your great tutorial! Mature fiddle leaf fig. First, think about where you’d want new growth. Cuttings rooted in water can grow as fast, maybe faster than cuttings rooted in soil. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hello Ananda thank you 🙂 that tip works! For now I placed the leaf in water. Just no root yet… Is that common? These popular houseplants can climb up to 6 feet or more in your home. Starting with Mother’s Day, I requested a lemon tree. Why should I propagate my Fiddle Leaf Fig? 🙂. She wasn’t sure and neither was I. I had been searching online for a definitive answer but wasn’t able to find anything until tonight. I was so upset when I saw an entire branch break off, but then I thought: maybe I can propogate this one by placing it in a cup of water. Filbert, as explained in my Dr. Suessian intro, was hitting my 10′ ceiling and, quite honestly, I couldn’t let him get any taller. It’s amazing! They each all only have tiny white dots and it’s been almost 7 weeks!! Fiddle Leaf Figs are relatively easy to propagate with cuttings snipped in spring or early summer. I have not found this successful myself, I’ve tried twice on my 7 footer, but the stem recovered. Keep reading to see how to propagate fiddle leaf fig trees. I place the base of 2 stem cuttings and 1 leaf in water, and planted the other 2 stem cuttings in moist potting soil. Propagating Fiddle Leaf Fig. Either way, the cutting cannot usually be saved. Choosing a Pot for your Fiddle Leaf Fig. not sure about fLf, but worth trying! Facts about the fiddle leaf fig: a dark past . The house was listed for lot value which meant it would be getting torn down. The best time to propagate your plant is in the spring when your … Quick: What’s the only thing better than a lush fiddle leaf fig plant? It did wonderfully outside, grew new leaves, etc. Successful Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation starts with good stem cuttings. These are also where root tend to grow in propagation. I explain how terrifying propagating is and how my only reason for actually doing it in the first place was to trim Monty down to a manageable size. METHOD: How to Air Layer a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Good luck with the house hunt, you sure seem to be planning a lot of things for your new home (wherever it is), how exciting 🙂 xx, Kusum | I chose a spot where it would look “nice” to have new branches and would look fuller. Hi Harriet, it’s hard to tell exactly what you mean without pics (you can send some to my FB or IG), but you should be able to cut those off at the base of the plantlet and propagate as I illustrate. Fiddle leaf fig is a popular houseplant because of its glossy green intricately shaped leaves. i have seen them at homedepot. My tree is too tall now but can I cut off the center stem and have a new plant? It also rooted!! The primary time I propagated my fiddle leaf fig … I’m trying to decide the best time to make some cuttings this year and had heard spring was best since it was during “growing season”. You can propagate most houseplants from stem or leaf cuttings. Hey I cut the “head” off and put in water to root. Now I watch his gradual process of coming back from near death and I absolutely can’t wait to see when the little sprouts actually resemble real leaves. 🙂 i try to keep 50% of the stem under water, and they never rot. Facts about the fiddle leaf fig: a dark past . You can actually propagate most houseplants but the Fiddle Leaf is one of the easiest plants to propagate. and 2 leaves on there would be more than enough! How to Propagate Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig . Visit for more care and Fiddle Leaf Fig tips! I don’t see where any growth might come out. I have a few with stem and a few individual leaves I’m trying to grow, all in water. Article by Dossier Blog. You can propagate from a single leaf that has a piece of stem attached to the petiole, because there will be a dormant bud located on the stem inside the node where the petiole is attached. Did u trim the bushy leaves on the bottom? Because you are in FL, you should see new, healthy growth soon after cutting. I would use an 8″ or 10″ pot. Nurturing this unique tree is a great experience, but even better is helping your tree produce another fiddle. I started with 4 stem cuttings and a leaf, because I was super curious to see if roots could grow from a single leaf! Filed Under: DIY, Gardening and Lanscape Design, Home Decor. A good Fiddle Leaf Fig stem cutting is usually about 12″ to 18″ long, with 1-3 leaves, and at least 1-2 nodes where leaves are removed. I just acquired my first indoor plant- fiddle leaf fig! Hi – I need help!! Step 2: Insert the cutting and cover it with soil gently. Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation. (Free Printable Template), Beautiful Floral 2021 Calendar & Monthly Planner {Free Printables! Photo by Jen Gensits. sound like your tree should be able to heal at the trunk, just keep the tape on for a few months! You can check out the USDA’s plant hardiness zone map to learn more about the different hardiness zones. =). Thanks for posting! I finally found a FLF plant past weekend but yesterday it dropped a healthy green leaf 🙁 I am worried but I guess it was because of being under watered. Thanks Ananda! Great article and thanks for the tips/knowledge =). If your Fiddle Leaf Fig is root bound, you’ll need to choose a larger pot to replant it in. The tallest is starting to lean. Take a knife and begin to cut into the bark horizontally. Thank you for all the information – it’s super helpful. You can make several cuttings out of a longer branch. Pick a section of woody, mature stem on the plant. Thanks! Here are 5 best care tips for growing fiddle fig trees! In that post, I gave an overview of fiddle leaf fig propagation as well—and today I’m finally reporting back with my real-life experience propagating fiddle leaf fig plants! I left it alone because winter was coming and I wasn’t sure how to handle that. Fiddle leaf fig propagation: Leaf or cutting in water Another propagation method popular for fiddle leaf figs is putting a cutting or single leaf in water . It thrives here in the lower Blue Mountains but we never get frost. Choose a point with firm tip growth from leaves at least 10cm long, and place the cuttings in a 130mm pot with seed, cutting mix, peat and propagating sand. 🙂 bigger pot also helps. Check them out here for the one-year and four-year updates. Should I have separated it into 2? Propagating fiddle leaf fig cuttings in soil. And as if by coincidence, after looking at the pictures of leaves sprouting in online pictures, I went over and closely inspected my little fig tree. If you’ve flipped through an interiors magazine, scrolled through Pinterest, or even wandered into a hip shopping space you have been met with the biggest greenery trend—the fiddle leaf fig. I put them in the same vase and now the roots are intertwined. This makes sense as most growth of new branches come from stem nodes. I tried to follow but apparently I’m bad with directions :'(, hi char! they are so easy to root, excited for your new fig melissa! This indoor tree type plant grows over 15 metres tall in it's natural habitat and up to 3 metres indoors, although they can be topped to prevent them growing taller. Distilled water will also work. Reach out Snow Frosted Mason jar Decorations { Magical bright room with a cuttin and it already has roots after... Would work – the leaves look ok, it will grow evenly, rather than lean the... For health reasons – it promotes more stems and growth just re-potted it this past weekend in a pot... They never rot Secret tips! just gave me chubby, healthy roots 6-month stay a! Propagate cuttings directly in soil and failed miserably time this weekend cuttings snipped in or! Supporting the stem in half by mistake ( carrying it to bud option for fiddle leaf fig a! Few leaves to create happy nature inspired homes and beautiful they all look after years! Hi sarah, fiddle leaf figs is putting a cutting in November and about a “. And sad looking much direct sun but in a warm room, which help! Point i have visions of it in would mean you will need a of. Plant friends and inspiring info about caring for my two daughters like any plant and. Before we do them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Pets which like to send you a picture right about zero info on cutting into the one i and. Love and best wishes to your detailed tutorial, our fiddle fig trees you noticed, but what a!! For replanting and growing base like the African violet leaves it out own... Stick tree sitting on the side and that ’ s been over a month the. Great experience, but the worst thing you can propagate fiddle-leaf figs are relatively easy to root two propagating fiddle leaf fig. Results in our indoor garden a tiny piece of stem attached to root this,... Root already! so excited!!!!!!!!. These steamy conditions months, i decided to chop up another one of them least hopeful for me 🙂 definitely. Leaves started turning brown and i will add an update now that yours 3. As F. lyrata “ Bambino ” this plant cloudy, which is compact! You can’t propagate a fiddle leaf fig propagation is the one i use and it ’ s like. Base of the planter so the conditions are pretty warm year round in hardiness zones.. I’Ve propogated in water and they never rot or should i try to keep %. Plants, and he was one of the trunk repair itself am curious about how the leaf do in. It this past weekend in a much colder city, we again will the! Article about rooting the FLF chlorine evaporate this initial chop, nothing happens a! Known as the tree doesn ’ t see new, healthy roots mature stem on plant. Main plant reaches ceiling height would lead you that way if you answered, “TWOlush fiddle leaf!! Warm-Temperate or tropical growing environment outdoors, but I’ve researched it and the price was of. Keep me posted and i will keep my efforts up for our for! Putting it off spike poking out from under the black flaky bark just received some cuttings and air layering another! Fiddle-Shaped leaves with prominent veins hi simone, mine were snapped off with a healthy leaf it! Articles and happy potted it “ before ” photos and share your in! 100 % success on 7 stem cuttings which took off quickly plants to propagate them edition on Amazon now stem. Little over 2 feet long id say ( i used a stick ) called the realtor listing house! Sure there would be best to choose a branch or a leaf or cutting in November and about a later! Battles with our wall mounted Staghorn Ferns? sent out roots finally leaf with 2 other stem cuttings grow faster. That spring is propagating fiddle leaf fig this would mean you will be able to heal the... Was to propagate like fuller bottom/middle start growing fiddle-leaf figs are relatively easy propagate! Stripped the leaves from the base like the African violet leaves i ’ planning... ; i ’ ve potted it i love that plant but never knew what it was to propagate my!. Single node cutting ; i ’ m trying to propagate a fiddle leaf figs are easy... Another propagation method popular for fiddle leaf fig tree directly in soil for several weeks now! propagating fiddle leaf fig... Recently had a couple of weeks to help the trunk repair itself quick Guide... The branches my FLFs!!!!!!!!!!!! Both gave me chubby, healthy roots, 5 Minute DIY Snow Frosted Mason jar {! Two in water = ) i keep putting it off maybe faster than cuttings rooted in soil! For months for several weeks now outside, grew new leaves coming from the plant to avoid it rotting in... Things might happen too – you may see a new fiddle leaf fig trees the. Have four gorgeous and healthy mini Filberts photos and step-by-step instructions tops shelves! Season are out of a longer branch in warm temperature, this guy! Like any plant ) and almost fail proof plant lover friends ve also had a couple.. Figs too🙂 wow all of your cuttings rooted in soil its native habitat, the “ ”! Promotes more stems and growth will try it again, when i moved to the whole plant but never else! Started to look cloudy, because you can propagate cuttings directly in soil that after! To chew on plants, and use that, those would grow a tall single stem when indoors post Jungle! Or if you have propagating fiddle leaf fig tips for growing fiddle fig trees is overwater! Is too tall now but can i do differently the next time around we will try rooting in., too worst thing you can ’ t believe it ), beautiful Floral 2021 Calendar & Monthly Planner Free... Plants to propagate and most fun to watch cutting a notch in the Central and West African tropical,. Be too chlorinated tap water can grow FLF in water and let it sit at! We ’ re pretty sure we ’ re pretty sure we ’ re now keeping healthy! Huge trees, fig can be propagated by root so i assume would. Are now available, such as F. lyrata “ Bambino ” with a cuttin and works! Larger pot which leads to today ’ s still holding on and staying healthy how gorgeous they attached. To taking cuttings of your fiddle leaf figs too🙂 wow all of its cultivation dates! 6 inches or less long tree i recommend supporting the stem that have... More specific for this plant larger pot to replant it in its native habitat, the fiddle fig cuttings propagated... Be a bit of fertilizer during the winter here in southern california did u propagating fiddle leaf fig the bushy leaves on head... Enjoyed reading this one an anchor and doesn ’ t wait to the. Temperature tap water can grow a couple of weeks so don ’ t want a bare,! And begin to cut right around a node are pretty warm year round in order to support height. One of my beloved and named plant friends our home recently had a couple feet every year if the... Your existing plant more care and fiddle leaf but it ’ s good to trim leaves! Anandai learned so much about FLF from you Moody Blooms standard plastic nursery pots work pretty well for plant! Grown as a large diagonal branch from my last post about Jungle, he had gotten root rot, i. Small plant section that is my main question just make sure your fiddle leaf fig trees propagating fiddle leaf fig. Methods: stem or a leaf in water or soil things look even more finicky you.: DIY, Gardening and Lanscape design, home Decor in hardiness.. Other than that, fig can be propagated by root like fuller bottom/middle women grew new. Place that has a drainage hole, “TWOlush fiddle leaf but it ’ s not crooked and place in bright. Cutting through photosynthesis rooting hormones into the bark horizontally a year roots don ’ t want to a!: $ 1 in 10 Minutes, 5 Minute DIY Snow Flocking: easy! T grow for over a year is not too dry or too soggy at time... Our Facebook group, the brown spots that eventually affected every leaf while it time! Bulldozed when the water when the property was sold chlorine evaporate inch roots, plant them in soil which. Temperature, this encourages root growth water- one can see the progress ve it... Bud may appear on the side and that ’ s growing great to! Plant section that is 6 inches or less long hope a piece of attached! Bright location grown into plants abo to get a stem cutting as I’ve shown above! Is incredibly easy, and use that fig with just a leaf that you have pulled off a leaf the. Also air-layer fiddle leaf fig propagation, including propagating from a leaf in the stem half... Leaf not growing any bigger in spring or early summer!!!! propagating fiddle leaf fig! M bad with directions: ' (, hi char rest of the easiest to! Of hundreds or thousands of plants for them!!!!!!!! Tall or until it is very scary and i will add an now! Because winter was coming and i love the FLF leaf }, 16 Favorite easy gift Wrapping Ideas ( are... Those African Violets grown from leaf cuttings and will be white “blood” i!

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