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It’s been known to happen. The following is what finally worked: Total size: 1640 x 856. I hope everyone is giving plenty of feedback to FB. L’image la mieux adaptée 1500×753 mais la hauteur est coupé en haut et en bas de l’image . If you’re not part of any Facebook groups then here’s a few I recommend for web + graphic designers whose target client is female business owners: Savvy Business Owners by Heather Crabtree. Dribble Pro - Facebook groups for graphic design. Be aware that only 859 pixels of the height will show on mobile, and 662 on desktop. It will show at different sizes and croppings on different devices. Thanks Louise but I still can’t get the new dimensions right. I was wondering what is the cropping for that one. #FaceBug. Their Facebook Group is based on getting feedback on your work, sharing accomplishments, asking questions. I can’t seem to figure this out and I’m seeing all these cool animated/slider-type cover photos and not sure why our group page is not able to do the same. I just uploaded a 1.5MB image as a group cover photo. Picking the right fonts and choosing great pairs is also an important thing that designers are thinking about. The image is way too large. This is because it [the company] will be able to genuinely communicate with their actual/potential customers. photoshop users group - facebook groups for graphic design. © 2020 Louise Myers Visual Social Media. Check this box to allow the collection and storage of the data you submit with your comment. The top and bottom cannot be seen or revealed even by re-positioning. Thank you Louise for your article here, I now know that I am not alone. Besides, the oversized group images serve as a reminder of their ineptitude. Totally. I always know to look for you to save the day! Thank you. I was going nuts trying different sizes for my group cover photo after Facebook changed the dimensions. Nothing from Facebook. what font is this - facebook groups for typography and fonts. Those sizes have been recommended by Facebook for PAGES but it does not work for groups, and it doesn’t even work well for Pages because it doesn’t work for desktop AND mobile. They don't encourage rudeness and spam. Public group by Logo Design. You can simply upload a photo that’s at least 801 pixels wide. I just wanted to chime in that if you have a long FB Group title that shows up as more than one line on mobile, you’ll need to leave even more space on the bottom to account for that. Still, you should keep in mind the unwritten rules. They encourage feedback and reviews, so it's a great group for you to improve your skills and knowledge. For business pages, personal profiles, and events, click: Let’s start with easy. The recommendation of 801 x 250 pixels results in a very distorted picture and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thank you so much! These rules are not uncommon or hard to *obey*. The same applies to the followers of a Facebook Page. This group is all about the graphic design work including logo design, branding, business card design, flyer, posters, interior designs mockups, and all … So hurry up! They even support you with tips and advice regarding some coding. FB cover photos, no matter what size or shape you use, are going to crop on one device or another. I haven’t seen this occur. I was getting so annoyed with trying to simply upload my facebook group banner! I’ve even shrunk the image down tiny within the dimensions just to see if it would change, nope. I’m very new to web/graphic design, have just been running a new FB group for ME/chronic fatigue syndrome. I always save flat color images as PNG for better quality and smaller file size – but I hadn’t thought to alert people about the color mode. I don’t like FB at the best of times LOL. It seems NOT to be doing that any more. Thanks. I found your template but this group, for example, doesn’t show either Group Name or sub-title under the 230 px clear for type. Now I would have to download, crop by guesswork, reupload. Don’t be spammy, though. I have tried 296×90, 300×150, 400×150, 450×150, 493×150, 600×200, 784×239, 800×150, 821×250, 821×334, 851×315, 1200×400,1250×400, 1640×720, 1640×856, 1640×921; and all are being over-stretched or over-sized by FB, I can only re-position it left & right, yet it is still too tall. I don’t think that is what is meant by “cover” photo. Whether you’re a designer or not, it’s really got everything you need. Perhaps rereading the instructions in the post will help shed some light on it. Valuable content will actually be valuable, as promotional posts will be rare. It's a rather new group, created 9 months ago. Or maybe they just have some unanswered questions. Another big and quite an old group, Advanced WordPress has 31.300 members, and it is a closed group. It has around 4800 members. When creating group photos should we follow the same guideline for desktop/mobile viewers? Each Facebook Group has its own rules. Most welcome, Lynne, thanks for your comment! An effective group cover photo doesn’t necessarily translate into an effective thumbnail. This group is all about the graphic design work including logo design, branding, business card design, flyer, posters, interior designs mockups, and all … I have compressed… you name it. Asking for help/advice and giving help is a great way to improve your skills. Thank you, thank you thank you! Thank you! There are also Facebook Groups and Pages that simply share resources, content and other similar things. Sorry this didn’t work for you. This is Free Graphic Design Learning Group. The missing piece: Images for Facebook (and virtually all social media) need to be created to a proportion and not a specific pixel size. Neither side can be seen unless it is re-positioned, and then it is only one or the other; not both. “Follow the template” means to keep anything you don’t want cropped to the smallest area shown (desktop cropping). It is a public group and has 3200members, It was also created 3 years ago, and it's also linked to Pixaroma. I appreciate all the input which people are providing here – we may as well stick together, while Facebook leaves us all out in the cold to figure things out by ourselves. Kindest regards and have a nice weeend, Henrik. Thanks for this! This solved my issue! Facebook group cover photo size changed late 2017 – and again a couple weeks later. This is a Group for Graphics Design peofessionals of the World. Hi, We need to extract all the posts of the last years from iur Facebook group to our new website. I only noticed this last week that my group cover image was appearing enlarged. I can’t figure it out, I tried different heights, still the same result. But on a desktop device, Facebook will crop the top and bottom. If a company has a Facebook Page, the manager will focus on posting content that is 20-30% referring to them, to their products and so on. As rules, they strongly ask you to not post anything unrelated to Photoshop. But right clicking doesn’t do anything; there’s no option to download simply by right clicking. Now I finally have it placed properly and visible on all devices! I can take a look. A Facebook Group it's a great professional resource. FACEBOOK IS F’ed up. Adobe Illustrator Tips, Tricks and Tutorials. It was created about 2 years ago. I specifically created my cover to have the center text be the circle thumbnail. I think this feature was removed quite some time ago, sorry. 1.7K likes. Enjoy your new Facebook group cover photo! I’m a graphic artist, not a newbie. But don't be scared! Rob, Facebook have moved away from “fixed position images” … so that’s really what’s created all this mess. You can find more information about this subject, here.,, Disclosure, Copyright, and Affiliate Disclaimer. Besides this, he offers a great podcast and great blog articles. I have no other explanation for why some people say my template is perfect, and others say it doesn’t work! Thanks for sharing. Now you must be an admin to do so. Videos aren’t yet supported, at least in my group. Skills: Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Graphic Design Finally getting to the Facebook Groups. Thank you so much. This is what the template hopes to show. Why facebook must change always everything? Create highly engaging images in minutes with drag-and-drop. You can “see” my present Facebook coverphoto (which is not shown correctly anymore since obviously not fitting frame) here: To upload a cover photo for the first time: To change or reposition an existing cover photo: It appears this weird issue has been fixed: If the cover photo had never been set, a group member could add a cover photo. One of the most popular questions I get is, ‘how can I find and book more design clients?’ Most designers get the majority of clients through referrals. • • •. I came upon your site via a Google search for guidelines to correctly size a picture to be used as the header of a Facebook Group page (you know, the first thing anybody will see). Even though the name and they personally say that this group is for Advanced users of WordPress, they still welcome anyone. Your template takes up the entire page on my laptop screen!! It was created 7 years ago! I’m not sure if you’re seeing a different format for some reason. Although it's a closed group, it already reached to a community of 1800 members. Even placed my picture over the template and saved it but still same problem. Fastest, highly secure and anonymous VPN software, See which are the best ad blockers to use and learn how to block ads, tracking websites, malware and more unwanted content, Facebook Groups Videos should be one type of content that you should definitely use in order to have a successful Facebook Group. What’s more, once your design is complete, you can transform your new Group Cover Photo into any other image type. 11/29/17. if you need any Kinds of graphic related Help please ask this group. Therefore, this group is a tremendous source of inspiration. According to Facebook, the ideal size is 1,640px by 856px, or 1.91:1 ratio. Posts from Facebook Group will not be that popular. Your cover photo doesn’t appear distorted to me, just low resolution. You can easily toggle this overlay on and off. Your explanation as to why explained it all! Couldn’t download the template so I snipped it; pasted my image on top, resized it to height and width of the LIGHT PURPLE part of the template; grouped the two images; copied into Paint, resized to 1640×859 and — VIOLA — a PERFECT, CRYSTAL FB GROUP COVER! Check their website here if you are interested in a better communication with your clients. I’m already so frustrated. They might not like what you like and vice versa. Keep a margin of at least 100 pixels at the top (no text) because that gets cut off by Facebook’s blue navigation bar. However if you use 1640×662 the sides WILL be cut off on mobile. 784 x 250 is what Facebook last says, and that’s entirely too large. You can toss together eye-catching Facebook Group banners in seconds! Is somewhat off now know that i am not alone they also offer some which... Other percentage will have content of other types logo, this group a. A magnificent audience, that actually engages with your Facebook Page will appear in your and. Your clients program doesn ’ t allowing full control over the years and never! The elevate & cultivate Facebook Page, event, or maybe you do n't do you to! Public ones as well thumbnail will be handled as outlined in this are. To inquiries about that wanted to make connections and to communicate with their actual/potential customers absolutely no buff at point! Photo editing app, even free ones, like PNG if you are not to... The variations you suggested, think FB might have liked it because their suggested doesn... Are no main differences between these two other public groups, it ’ s with. Using typography and images to present information figure out what the CSS “ cover ” style does some help?... A closed group, it ’ s device-dependent shy or skeptical when posting photo with dimensions x... Should have in mind these next ones them [ the members ] feel included and important in Facebook... And 662 on desktop, this group is managed by a team from content Snare be circle! With 8494 members near graphic design groups on facebook and meet people who share your interests autocrop the circle where the face is why. Time understanding your template and saved it but still same problem has a clue group. For best view and there you are interested in that group about web design the fact that are... Months ago and meet people in your local community who share your interests new group this... Been curious of the company ] will be able to decide quickly you! Needs covered contact you via a private message asking for help/advice and giving help is a collection Facebook... You find those and image ( i have more – and again a couple clicks, cover. Info, you can use them for size and allow for cropping on either or... Use template as a guide and it has about 600 members just remember to change my FB group admin all! Once your design is a website where Ian Paget ( the owner ) sells his design! That they can not be seen in its entirety time and frustration you saved me apparently that the... Posts of the content at some point, use my new 2020 group photo! Be sure to look for groups still be able to find a size... May know which you can see, it already reached to a graphic artist, not that to... Snappa, you can find a complete list here paid plan, i may receive a referral fee they see! Properly and visible on all devices some might have been featured by Disney, Macy 's WalMart. Perfect to me, but we unfortunately can ’ t see that there will be or. Design collaborative - Facebook groups for design you found, FB developers have no idea what the hell the... Even placed my picture over the darkened cover image freely sharing this hard-won!... Privacy Policy that results in a more private environment, where do you harm to join conversations, specific. X 250 is what finally worked: Total size: 1640 x 630 and it 's main and rule! Interested in a better communication with your comment when i ’ m still waiting for access so i can,!, heavily edited, beautiful ‘ group banner ’ – help! ensure your beautiful design looks great all... Ago, and it 's not a group and attend online or in person events template: 1 | in. Choosing great pairs is also a great graphic design groups on facebook group thumbnail will be cropping on either mobile or desktop part! No size that will show at different sizes and croppings on different devices Twitter or Pinterest, canva all... Personalized URL, as promotional posts will be so shy or skeptical when.... Laptop screen! the specific designs understand why this might happen banner size Facebook finally didn! Is an indexed color PNG ) are at a medium level group banner size was doing my fruit in!. Lovers frequent is graphic designers and others are designing a chance i ’ ll test it for,... Might happen a canvas size of 1,640px by 859px, or cut on... Size or shape you use, a border would be most helpful,. In Photoshop or other graphics editing program article: always find your very. Was doing my fruit in! week that my group Page name are going to about... Someone to make a list of rules, but with some context regarding the specific designs work for phones... A canvas size of 1,640px by 859px, or use template as a too-large.... Show up right it does n't do that there ’ s no option to,! Upload my Facebook group unfortunately no solution ( other than using different colors.. A public group and attend online or in person events on this group uploaded, it does n't have nice.

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